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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


For a second I'm gonna pretend that emotions aren't caused by chemicals in a brain...

Love is an intense word, and I think we all know it's thrown around all to easy. I don't think there should be any extra labels on love. No 'true love', or anything like that, because any word you tack on is just bullshit. No two people are meant to be. That just doesn't happen, because even though I'm pretending that chemicals don't cause emotions, I can't just pretend that biology doesn't exist as a whole. No two people are made for each other, it's random when two people are compatible. One person may be equally compatible with thousands of people, while another person may be compatible with nobody. The chances are low, but it's possible. To love somebody though, with no extra labels or prefixes or suffixes or anything, I think, takes time to realize. I'd think that usually you'd lose the person, and you'd be more bugged by it than you'd think. I'd think that when you'd talk to the person, you'd get along so well that you'd talk and talk and talk and lose track of time and talk some more and eventually, you'd agree on almost anything. To me, to be in love, it'd have to be with somebody who has went through something similar to you, or, as a person, maintains some of the same characteristics. You'd have to think about them when you hear a certain song, and you couldn't stop, well after the song is over. It doesn't even have to be a song you listened to while you were with the person, or have any tie to any particular event, but when a certain melody or tone or something of the sort strikes your ears, they pop into your head. Somebody that you don't realize at first, that you love. She drives me insane. I stare and think about everything on the planet and I know that she'd understand me. Even if I was rambling on, she'd agree. She'd get what I was saying, but would be as clueless on how to express it as I truly am. Somebody, that before you even got old, you realize, that if you lost them or didn't get them, you'd be angry. Furious. Before I've been quoted as saying:

See, the love that people think of, is a love that means that two people are meant for each other. They, no matter what, will love each other. That's impossible. A human has limits, realistic limits that are bound by brain capacity completely. It might take an extra significant event to convince somebody out of "love", but its possible to make somebody unlove somebody else, which completely negates the definition I explained a moment ago."

I'll stick with that. It makes sense. True love doesn't and can't exist. That doesn't depress me at all though, surprisingly, because I know what it takes for me to love. I know what I'm looking for. Somebody that, when they think hard and deep enough, realizes they could be with you, even when their surroundings say no. Kid Cudi is brilliant. "Pursuit of Happiness, yeah"

I think I'll add more to this later...

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