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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aight, run it.

Some decisions in life take more than a second to make, we all know that. It’s crazy how far in life one decision can affect you. One little choice can follow you around for years, and others only a day. Your life can be headed in the right track one-hundred percent, then one choice can ruin it and throw you obstacles that’ll slow you down. Sometimes I wonder if little choices I made are going to hamper what I could have been and what I could have done, and eventually, can do. Everybody has that one thing they want to take back, some people, more. Fuck that, everybody’s got their list of things they’d do over. Everybody knows what I did to Dr. Jackson, and really, it wasn’t hard, or that bad. If I wouldn’t have done that, sure, I wouldn’t have gained a name for myself in computers amongst my peers, but holy hell I would have been better off to not do it. Yeah, it was funny, it was MY thing, but it kinda screwed me.

I wanna know how everybody seems to have connections. Everybody seems to have somebody else that got them a job, or got them a deal on a car, or stuff like that. People always get connections and know people that get them absurdly overpaid jobs, and they do very little, but then there’s tons of people out there whose potential isn’t being reached because they don’t know the right people. I can think of tons of people I know who could be making damn good money right now, even at 18 and 19, but aren’t. They’re making minimum wage and going to community colleges and things like that. The Midwest sucks in that fashion. The best major companies seem to be coastal, so right away there’s a disadvantage.
What am I doing with my life? Seriously. Computers, sweet, what about about them? Everybody assumes that I have it all figured out, and that I’m just ‘doing computer stuff’. Yeah fuck off. There’s so much to it, I don’t know where to begin, and I don’t know if I even want to begin. I need a mentor for that or something. Idk.