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Sunday, April 15, 2012

raise your weapon

"One word and it's over."
That phrase applies to way too many situations.

Some people don't know when to move on; myself included. I'm not as bad as most people with it I'd say, but it's a bad trait nonetheless. Some people will get cheated on, beaten, yelled at, harassed; and they keep going back to that person. I try to not associate myself with people like that or anybody similar.

Girl seem to be 10x more guilty of this than guys, and it's because the lot of them crave attention. It starts how cute and adorable and it ends up with clingy and overbearing. Just go away. Seriously lol. Stop.

I think the trait of going back to somebody or something over and over is directly proportional to an emotional gap someone may have. Some people can't go 2 or 3 months without being in a relationship with somebody, and it's sickening. I'm not saying go be slutty and single; but.... go be slutty and single.

Drugs of course fall into the same category as the people that are being gone back to. I know I'm included in this because EVERYBODY does something. Everybody has their fix; whether it be alcohol, drugs, or another person. Yes I'm putting people in the same category as drugs and addictive things, but in a way they are. Some people just give you that fix; their presence, mindset, beautiful minds are addictive.. Especially if you have one. I can think of a few people that I know that have beautiful minds; ones that I couldn't live without, nor do I want to even try.

You know whats a good fix for this? Music.
Use music. Abuse it. Beat it up. It doesn't care. Overplay it. Play one song 500 times in a row if it strikes the right chord in your mind. I've had one song on replay for 18 hours now and it's helping me sort things out with myself. Music will always be my fix for those kinds of things. It's a weapon, but at the same time it's a shield. You can use it to help yourself fix things in your own mind, thus giving you a stronger mind; or you can use it to protect yourself; cure yourself from emotional wounds inflicted by others.

I'm not saying that single is the way to go, of course companionship is great; but only if it's healthy. Don't stay if it's not healthy just because you hate sleeping alone. It's so bad to sacrifice a healthy mind just to dull the loneliness. It'll come back; it always does. Again, use music. It may delve you deeper into a sadness or depression or deeper version of the loneliness, but it's worth it. I can't even tell you how many times I've used music to repair those kinds of wounds; or at least learn how to cope. One thing I'm thankful for at least is my lack of rejection. I of course have permanent wounds thanks to the few that have, but they've healed over with a scar that reminds me of what I did to fix it.