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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

x - 1 = shit

Wanting something really bad that you can't have sucks. I would always just hear the phrase, and say yeah it does, but it's really starting to set it. What makes it worse is when it's completely possible for you to have what you want, but others around you, without knowing, don't let you have it. It's not that they're telling you that you can't have it, but if you were to have it, you'd be shunned. Is it worth having still?

If you want something more than anything else in the world, and that something wants you, would it still be worth it?

It's like both somethings know it'd be great. They'd both have what they want, but it'd be so difficult that they just forget about it. I want it, but then it stops talking to me, and I miss it a lot. The more I talk to it, I miss it more. How can you miss something you never really had? It's the risk taking that's the problem. Both of them are unsure whether or not it'd be worth it, but deep down they know it would be.

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